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Where Quality Meets Convenience

VBI combines premium technology and battle-tested insurance products to deliver top quality solutions to company's of all sizes.

Life and Voluntary Health

These plans pay a sum to the beneficiaries of the deceased in the event of the insured's death.

Short and Long Term Disability

These plans guarantee a portion of the insured's income is paid out in the event he/she becomes permanently or temporarily disabled. 

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

These plans typically pays the insured or beneficiaries in the event the insured is killed or dismembered due to an accident.


These plans assist in covering the costs of vision care.

Health Plans

Health plans can go beyond traditional health coverage to include critical care, ambulatory services, prescription plans and more.

Dental Plans

These plans assist in covering the costs of routine and/or emergency dental procedures.


One Application​

Though each custom built package may contain products from multiple companies, we eliminate the hassle with our seamless common application for all selected insurance providers.

Customized Benefits Portal

Not only do we customize your benefits access portal to your team's needs, but we also provide custom branding.

One Bill

No need to juggle multiple due dates and invoices; our system allows users to pay their premiums from one aggregated bill.

Online Enrollment

Eliminate the paperwork with secure, quick and easy online enrollment.

Benefits Navigation

Our team works with you even after enrollment to assist in troubleshooting issues, enacting changes, and accessing benefits.


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